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03 February 2010 @ 10:27 pm
Welcome to Silent Hill

Over on the coast of Aikercia Tokyo, a thick and ominous fog has rolled in and refuses to go away. Those who go in will find nothing but a completely abandoned little town. It's extremely generic. It could be any town, really. There are no indications or clues as to what it's called or why anyone's gone. In fact, it looks as though everyone who lived and worked there just decided to lock everything up and walk out of the town. There are still a few cars in the gas station, still some cheerful "Open!" signs hanging behind locked windows and doors.

Really, it could be interesting if there was anything there that could clue you in as to just what the heck is going on. As it is, it just gets a bit boring after a while. It's not very cold. It's not very warm. It just sort of is. Might be a nice place to come and think.

Except some people have been going there, disappearing, and never coming back.

Nothing you do there will make the place open up its secrets to you. There's no chant, no key, no prayer that can make the town take you to where it's taken the others.

It's up to the town itself to call you and bring you to other planes. And, brother, the calls are going out.

It might start with a dream, or just a passing thought. The name of a town you've probably never even really heard of before. "Silent Hill," was it? It sounds so peaceful. The more you think about it, the more it begins to eat at you. Maybe that friend you haven't seen in years is there, or perhaps that parent who passed away--

But wait. Dead people can't wait for you in a town, can they?

...Or can they? It sounds crazy at first, but the more you think about it, the more possible it seems. That town is special, right? All kinds of wonderful things have happened there throughout history.

You don't even seem to notice the fact that you've never read a thing about this place in your life.

Finally you give in to the call, following the tug to the foggy little spot on the edge of Aikercia Tokyo. It's different this time. Your excitement turns into apprehension as you realize that this time you're not alone in the fog. What's even stranger is that the roads out have all become blocked.

You've brought Silent Hill to life, and it's bringing your demons along with it.

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If you have ANY questions about this plot in general, please feel free to either comment here, email me at orcinusgirl@comcast.net or IM me at criscostick over on AIM.
18 January 2010 @ 06:13 pm
These are Desai's holidays. These holidays never change. Well, they may alter a little from year to year depending on events that may transpire around the time, but if the day/s is/are uneventful, this is the schedule for the year!

       End of Winter Holidays
Please refer to December for more details.

       Valentine's Day 01
On the 13th of February, city workers are fancying the place up with the entirety of Millennium Avenue (the street along which all major clubs are stationed) shut down as it's turned into a large dance stage. The entire street has been shut down to vehicle traffic. Reds, pinks and whites color the decorations, and for the night of the 13th, the typical club-like dancing is brought out to the street. However, unlike most nights, police usher the crowds out by 2 AM so that city workers can finish for the celebrations the following day, Valentine's Day.

In Desai, Valentine's Day is a day of whimsical fancies. Girls are princesses, and boys princes. Everyone has someone, and if they don't, they'll most likely have a friend taking them for the evening to Millennium Avenue for a night out. Peaceful, romantic and loving, people are more enchanting and loving on this day than even at Christmas. You are to wear your best, your most glittery and most fine attires. Flowers, gifts, singing. If you act at all in a way unbecoming to the event, people will ignore you or even ask you to leave. Most people will disappear to their homes by 1 AM, only the idle lovers or those not lucky to have even a friend at their side, will be left on the streets. Police will try to usher these ones into their homes, but don't expect them to make a big deal, since it's really not one at all. Overall, Valentine's Day is a fairytale day for anyone in Desai!

       The 4th of July ~ The Changing of the Winds 01
Americans from the multiple Earths abroad celebrate the day as they would in their homeworld. Booze, barbeques and loud fireworks. ER trips spike because people like that smartass who decided to set off a roman candle while it was shoved up his rear are getting wounded right and left, and it's just an amazing good time for anyone who wants to celebrate the 4th this way.

However, Desai residents celebrate the Changing of the Winds ceremony on this day, when the climate begins to change and a distinct shift in wind direction begins. Of course, who really pays attention to direction, outside of the day to day smell of the air. Typically, the air has an earthy smell of trees and dirt and... overall, a forest scent. On the evening of July 4th, it'll change to a salty, oceanic smell. They celebrate almost similarly to the ones celebrating the American Independence Day... but they're less likely to be hospitalized or incapacitated the next day due to hangovers.

There will be a city-wide fireworks display to rival even New York, starting at sunset and lasting approximately one hour as all major parts and their junctions are set off in patterns. The grand finale will launch out of the junctions. (Junctions are the areas of the city that serve as a transition from one part to another. For example: Center-City is a fairly safe area for gambling and shopping and having fun. Dance clubs and while it's not perfectly safe, it's pretty nice if you're with company! Tayon's the dangerous part of Desai, where you just... don't really want to be unless you're with someone else, honestly. Strip clubs, gangs, drug dealer, etc etc blah and blah. In the Center-City-Tayon junction, it's... basically low-scale for Center-City and more dangerous, but upscale for Tayon and far more safe. Less expensive to live there than in Center-City, but more than in Tayon, and... oh, you get it~)

       Halloween 01a | 01b | 01c | 01d
Currently celebrated as per American traditions, along with a slew of player plots to enhance the experience.

       Tra'delai 01
Tra'delai is the Festival of Dreams.

In ancient times, Tra'delai was celebrated with the use of magic to spur hallucinations in people, to allow them to visit their most desired dreams. To allow them to be true for just a while. Later, as the use of magic faded, drugs were utilized. As drug use became gradually more and more illegal, it simply became a three day festival of dancing, partying, and revealing powerful and kind truths to people. "I love you", "I've always admired you". And to spoil one another!

But this year is a little different. Since Desai has been birthed into a real, flesh form, she carries the memories and abilities of times long passed.

So, from Friday to Sunday, characters will be enchanted into living out their best dreams and/or wishes. Now, here are the scenarios during which this can happen:

Your character falls asleep and lives in an entire dreamworld built around their fancies.

Player cooperation leads to one character getting their dream, and another character (or perhaps multiple characters?) living in this "wonderful" dream as the appropriate roles. Characters will be in Desai, aware they are visiting Desai, but they still live in this special universe. This one's tricky, because one man's dream could be another man's nightmare.

       The Holidays 01 | 02
December 23rd, the holiday spirit begins. Everyone starts to get on their best behavior, from Mayra to Tayon, and the holiday dinners and sweets are everywhere amidst glistening decorations.

Atop the buildings around the city, green flames appear. As the snowfall becomes heavier, these flames start to ward off the snow from public areas. The freezing tempertures rise to about 60F/15C during the day and 50F/10C at night. Considering Center-City averages 10F/-12C at night, and places like Rituana averages about -7F/-22C? This is pretty nice! And probably a nice surprise for off-worlders experiencing Desai holidays for the first time.

Christmas Eve, or Dusk Everlast as natives call it, the holiday lights will increase in numbers, and the entire city will shine as bright as Center-City does on an average night. Celebrations including bands, dancers, floats, whatever you could think of in celebrations honoring all the many diverse cultures and worlds melting together in Desai will be present all day and all night, continuing on until the rise of the sun on December 31st. There will be talks of nameless gods and goddesses by natives, and unsavory rituals that were once performed very long ago.

As the day of December 31st darkness to night, a more modern New Years celebration starts, focused in on Millennium Avenue and Centennial. These streets are the streets with the hottest clubs and entertainment in the city, so what's more perfect?

At midnight, in Desai, they don't drop a ball. They launch an array of fireworks and sprays of magic that warm the city even more than the green flames. This celebration continues until midday January 3rd, when everything finally settles down and clean-up begins. The flames will disappear during this time as well, and snowfall will coat the city as it should.
17 November 2009 @ 04:37 pm
The following newspaper clips were released on a flier across the city as of 11.17.2009, ten days before Desai's anniversary. The author of the fliers is unknown, and there is no preface. However, these clips are not available to anyone outside of MDEA itself, so it's quite the treat for the citizens not native, or born after all of this happened.

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02 October 2009 @ 04:05 pm
The reason for posting this in a community entirely separate from all the others is for 1) easy location, and 2) so it's attached to my personal journal, and thus always attached to me.

UPDATE AS OF 06.11.2010: As of this date and going forward, hiatus declarations cannot be backdated unless prior approved by a moderator. There have been multiple cases of players backdating their hiatus dates by a week and more in order to make up for their lack of participation. There may good reasons to do this, but from here on out, if you must do this, requests to do so must be forwarded for discussion to welcometodesai[at]gmail.com so you may discuss it with the moderators./update

Alright, so getting to it!

            Hiatus notifications of 3 weeks or longer must be posted here to be recognized.
            Notifications of undetermined amount of time must be placed here (this should mostly be in times of emergency/loss of internet, and in the same channel).
            Notifications are preferred to be given to me by the player going on hiatus. Only in events where a player cannot (hospitalization, loss of internet, emergency situations) may another player do so for them.
            Hiatus notifications may span up to 3 months and no longer.
            For all hiatuses (hiatii?) except in circumstances of undetermined amounts of time must have a leave and return date.

            Hiatus notifications between 3 weeks to 1 month will be granted a one week grace period, with exceptions (emergency etc etc)
            Hiatus notifications between over 1 month to 3 months will be granted two weeks.
            Failure to make requirements (2 posts per month) months following the grace period in the month of which it ENDED will result in the player's characters being placed on the inactivity listing, and removed within the scope of that month's listing if failure to appear continues. This is true unless there are only four days left in the month, at which point a player will be required to make half requirement (1 post)

            Players are expected to be realistic about their ability in the scope of a longer than 1 month of hiatus time to reintegrate. Grace periods are also allowed to be used for reintegration. Your grace period will NOT be taken away, nor your hiatus cancelled, if there are occasional comments here and there. (We all go insane if it's due to work/projects/school.) The only time this will be reviewed if player complaints are filed, and only after thorough investigation will it be determined if action to is to be taken or not.

            Short term hiatus notifications are less than 3 weeks, and should only be placed on desaiooc. This is a courtesy more than anything.
            There is no grace period for short term.
            Activity requirements (2 posts a month) remain unless I have been spoken to directly in regards to circumstance.
            Again, short-term hiatus notifications on the comm are for your fellow players more than anything.

UPDATE AS OF 03.18.2010: Due to a number of hiatus requests that have been filed like this, in order to be fair to everyone across the board, all extended hiatus declarations MUST have a set start and end date. All requests before today will be honored, but going forward, extended hiatus requests must have those end dates. If a player returns within their timeline, they may be subject to activity checks around the time of their return and not be allowed their grace period depending on circumstance. /update


Your Name: Kara
Your Characters + Journals + Their Fandom Names (As listed in the Taken Chars posts): Germany nichtdeinbff - Axis Powers Hetalia
Belarus russiawhite - Axis Powers Hetalia
Your Contact information: AIM: nephilim sonata ; E-Mail: starlightexodus[at]gmail.com (I can always be reached here if you have questions)
Date Hiatus Starts: October 8th, 2009
Date Hiatus Ends: November 15th, 2009
Reason: Overseas vacation

Oh, if only it were true.

Thanks, guys.
28 January 2008 @ 12:59 pm
[Officialized Timeline]

All scenes presented in order of posting, not in order of when they transpired in the game
              Meryl and Samara
              Ulala and Kairi
              Elena and Sergei
              Hatori and Rem
              Rem and William
              Vash and Livio (and Meryl)
              Angela Orosco and Teresa
              Maes Hughes